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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We humans are too quick to judge. We hear of something new and we scoff in scorn over the ridiculousness of such a thing, not pausing to consider the actual genius of it. Such was the case when I first heard of facial spray aka a bottle of scented water...that you spray...in your face.

I can understand why it's hard to grasp such a concept, especially since everything in life teaches us to avoid things being sprayed in our face (mace, pepper spray, Lysol). But facial spray forces you to put your pre-conceived notions aside and enjoy the rebellious feeling of squirting something in the direction of your eyes.

I received a bottle of Mario Badescu facial spray for my birthday last winter, but it wasn't until I started traveling this summer that I truly understood its genius. It's made from a combination of aloe, herbs, and rosewater, and is so hydrating for your skin. I've completely replaced using lotion on my face with facial spray instead. During the summer, lotion is just too heavy for my skin and I start breaking out, but facial spray doesn't clog my pores and feels so good to apply! It's been a constant in my bag during every trip this summer.

Have you tried a facial spray? What's your favorite brand?


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