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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


It's been a little quiet in Hey Whitney land lately. I'm giving myself some wiggle room after being gone for two weeks, but it's a new week and time to get back into the groove of things — even if the laundry piles are trying to kill me.

Unpacking (and repacking) my suitcase. I feel like I've been in constant travel mode lately, but that's okay. These last few weeks of summer are always a blur. I'm prepping for another trip back to Virginia this week to see the parents' new house and hopefully, squeeze in a weekend trip to the mountains.

Cooking at home mostly these days. We finished Whole30 earlier this month but have pretty much stuck with it since then with a few exceptions here and there. These meatballs were a big hit last week.

Drinking in the cooler weather. It's like fall is right around the corner. Although, the shorter hours of daylight are already making me a little sad.

Reading this book and this one also. I have so many books piled on my nightstand right now that I've resorted to reading two at a time. Not sure yet if it's actually a faster option or just slowing me down.

Wanting an army jacket. I saw them at Old Navy recently and Pinterest is not helping my obsession.

Watching Suits. I'm continuing the lawyer theme after finishing The Good Wife a few weeks ago. Which, by the way, had a really terrible ending.... Did anyone else think so?

Listening to this new song by Shovels & Rope.

Feeling so sore lately. I've been loving my workouts, but sitting at my desk for hours afterwards is the worse. My muscles get so tight and angry at me. Maybe it's time for a standing desk?

Trying to capture time. I had a moment recently when I had three things I needed to do, five things I wanted to do, and only time to do one of them. You know what the solution is in moments like that, don't you? Take a nap.  

Eating these sweet potato chips alllll the time. They are my guilty healthy snack and so good!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing ya'll this weekend! I may have to borrow some Whole30 meals. Mark and I are starting a diet similar to paleo and Whole30 next week--and I'm having a hard time coming up with suitable recipes.


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