The Story of a Sofa + Our New Record Console

Monday, August 01, 2016

When we signed the lease on our first home in Richmond, I was over the moon to finally have a space of our own — even if we were paying out the nose each month to live there. I immediately went into buy-all-the-furniture mode and ended up buying a sofa that I was not completely in love with. When we eventually moved it into the house, I realized that it was way too big for our living room and basically blended right into the hardwoods. Yes, I bought a brown sofa -- me, lover of all things gray and white and light! Who knows what I was thinking? By that point it was too late. Our money needed to go towards other things besides a new sofa and since I had bought it off Craigslist, I couldn't simply return it.

The obnoxious brown sofa is still with us today. It made the move from Richmond to Athens and we give each other the side-eye daily. I will say that it is a really comfortable sofa and I have taken many a nap on it. I also like the shape and structure of it, but that's about it. The color, fabric, and height are all wrong for the aesthetic that I'd like to create in our living room. That said, it will be sticking around for a bit longer because I refuse to make the same mistake twice. I've promised myself to wait until we buy a house before buying new furniture. Buying furniture for a space you've never even seen yet is kind of ridiculous. Live and learn, right?

When we moved to Athens, we had sickening optimistic plans to buy a house within the first six months of living here. It has now been a full year and we're barely any closer to finding a house. Because we thought we wouldn't be here very long, we basically moved in with what we had and did little else. There were bare corners and set-ups that didn't work, but I just looked at it as a temporary thing and went back to pinning more ideas to my one-day house board on Pinterest.


Now that we've passed the one-year mark in our Athens rental, I've started growing tired of our random set-ups that we were just "living with". One of the biggest eye sores was our record player set-up. A few years ago, we rescued a pair of large speakers that someone was throwing out. Mark refurbished one of them, but never got around to making the other match. What's worse is that our record player was actually too big to sit on top of them (even though it has to be plugged into the speaker to work) so it was sitting on a random end table pushed up next to the speaker. So bad!

I decided it was time to waive our strict "no new furniture" rule for a good cause. I started browsing for record table consoles that we could hide our current speakers in or use to DIY our own speaker set-up. Within two days, I stumbled across the most beautiful mid-century console for sale on Instagram.  I immediately sent a private message and we were hauling that beauty through the front door the next day. We were fully prepared to gut and refurbish the speakers, but as it turns out they already worked perfectly! The built-in record player needs some work, but since we already have our own player we're not too worried about that at the moment. Now our speaker set-up is tucked away inside a gorgeous mid-century piece of furniture and our record player finally has a home to sit on!

It's hard to invest your money in furniture when you're not permanently settled, but buying gorgeous pieces that you know you'll keep forever is always easy decision. I can't imagine a house we would purchase where this timeless piece wouldn't fit right in.

What about you? Have you ever jumped the gun on decorating a home? How do you buy pieces that will easily transition from space to space?

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  1. Love the console! It looks great! As for the brown sofa... have you tried getting a slipcover? At least that would hide the brown!

    1. I hadn't thought of that. I'm worried it might not fit the shape of the sofa very well, but it's worth a shot. Any ideas on where to find one?


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