This Week's Links 8.5.16

Friday, August 05, 2016

The last month of summer is always a whirlwind and this year is proving to be no exception. There's a lot I need to get done this weekend with some trips and other events coming up soon, but I'm also hoping to soak up some more summer-y vibes while they last. Mark has promised me an afternoon at the pool if I'll go for a morning bike ride with him. I'll drag my butt out of bed for that deal. :)

Here are a few fun links from this week:

How to exercise without become "An Exercise Person"

Podcasts that will actually teach you something

Turns out, flossing does nothing

Easy summer up-do's and tutorials on how to do them

Instagram launched Instagram Stories this week

Whole30 recipe ideas, if you're looking for some (we're on Day 19!)

Words to live by

Plus, some posts from this week:

Our new record console and some thoughts on buying furniture

My favorite Spotify playlists, for your listening enjoyment

Another Athens adventure, this time on our bikes!

Have a great weekend!


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