Staying Fit On a Vegas Vacation

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When I think of Las Vegas, I envision neon lights, casinos, and Elvis impersonators, so when I heard the folks at Vegas were sharing tips for staying fit while visiting, I was a little skeptical. Sitting at a slot machine all day doesn't exactly scream fitness.

After doing a little digging, though, I was surprised to discover out how many things there are to do in and around Las Vegas that don't involve shimmering lights and partying. Mark and I have been tossing around the idea of a trip out west for some time now, and after seeing how many fitness-centric things there are do in Nevada, it has quickly shot to the top of my list.

Without further ado, here are my top picks for a trip to Las Vegas:

Hiking Red Rock Canyon
Hiking has become one of my favorite forms of exercise lately. Mostly because it's a fun way to exercise without really feeling like you're exercising — especially when you're exploring new places. The towering red cliffs of Red Rock Canyon sit just 15 miles from the famous Las Vegas strip and rumor has it that you can even spot wild burros and bighorn sheep along the hike!

Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon
This isn't exactly a form of exercise, but I'm sure the helicopter ride alone could get my heart rate up in fat burn zone pretty quickly! Wouldn't this be cool, though?! The Grand Canyon is about a five hour drive from Las Vegas, but only an hour away by helicopter -- leaving plenty of time to get back to the city in time for dinner and a show.

Kayaking on Lake Mead
Who knew there was so much water in the middle of the desert? Lake Mead is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, formed by the famous Hoover Dam, and just 30 minutes away from Las Vegas. You can rent kayaks to explore the enormous lake. Time to work those arm muscles!

Exploring Mount Charleston
This is another example of how diverse Las Vegas is -- mountain breezes and wildflowers are just a short trek away. The 52 miles of hiking trails around Mount Charleston reach an elevation of 12,000 feet and can range from 20-40 cooler than the city.

I love the idea of using Las Vegas as a central point for so many fun day trips. Unlike other adventures that would require staying in the middle of nowhere, Las Vegas truly offers the best of both worlds -- nature by day, luxury by night. If you're like me and are ready to pack your bags for Vegas trip, be sure to check out for some of the best deals on things do in and around Sin City!

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