This Week's Links 9.2.16

Friday, September 02, 2016


Oh hey, September. You sure came out of nowhere. The days have been flying by lately, but it's nice to have little moments like the one above to just stand and think about nothing else except a sunset. Learning to soak up the now is a constant lesson, isn't it? We've been keeping the roads between Georgia and Virginia hot this month and are back for another weekend in Richmond right now. Perfect timing too, because I've been craving some crab pizza from our favorite Richmond pizza joint!

Here are a few links from this week:

How to clean your house in an hour or less

26 healthy Instagram accounts to follow

Anne of Green Gables is coming to Netflix

Awesome resources for staying informed

Terrible real estate photos

How to pick the perfect watermelon every time

On my Christmas wishlist

Delicious things I'm pinning, but not eating

A movie I want to see

6 good-for-your-gut foods (gonna need this after that crab pizza)

Have a great weekend!


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