This Week's Links 9.9.16

Friday, September 09, 2016


Happy Friday! This short week has packed a punch and I'm ready for a weekend state of mind. I'm hoping to stock the fridge this weekend, conquer the laundry piles, and drop off half our closets at the dry cleaners (best invention ever!) — so, basically, all boring adult stuff. I'll try to spice it up some with a yoga class, some episodes of Vikings, and maybe a Sunday afternoon bike ride with Mark. We're living wild, folks, living wild!

Here are some fun links from this week....

I'm always on the lookout for more Whole30 lunch ideas

This actually exists: a company that will unpack your moving boxes

The prettiest (and cheapest!) cacti prints to hang on your walls

It's Time to Stop Writing "I Hope You're Well" in Emails (I am so guilty of this!)
The most important thing to do when writing an email to anyone — be it work correspondence or a love letter or a threat to your enemies — is to ask yourself, do you actually hope this person is well? If you do, then find some sincere way to say that instead of a bottled expression that has come to mean anything but. If you don't know the person enough to determine your interest in their well-being, then establish a narrative that could inform that for your future correspondence with them.

Podcasts (some new, some classic) to listen to this weekend

An interesting grammar rule I've never thought about before

quesadilla recipe that has my stomach growling

Can you imagine biking 3,000 miles?! That would be a trip to remember.

Smokey Mountains National Park released this cool map that tells you when peak autumn is in your area

How to eat healthy for less than $20 a week

I really want to stay in a Graduate Hotel - check out the pictures and you will too!


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