Virginia By The Numbers

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Our trip to Virginia last week was full of hello's to my old friends (Sugar Shack donuts and Bottom's Up pizza) and goodbye to some others (the house I grew up in). Here's a little recap of our time there, in numbers.

2 the number of Sugar Shack donuts I had during our trip.

the number of days I got to work with my Richmond peeps in the office. It was good to see them all again!

the number of cheat meals I had (eep!), but they were so good! I got to eat at The Blue Goat for the first time and try their pimento tater tots, plus the requisite crab pizza from Bottoms Up, donuts from Sugar Shack, and the best Labor Day meal at my parents' house.

80 the age of parts of my childhood home that was torn down this week. Mark salvaged all of the hardwood floors and a lot of the old wood within its walls before they completely tore it down. Now the question is what to make with it?

1,660 the number of miles we drove in the past 4 days. I'm ready for a weekend...and somebody to do my laundry for me.


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