A List of Lovely Little Things

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I happened to look out the kitchen window this week at the exact moment the breeze blew up a huge leaf whirlwind. It was one of those quintessentially fall moments, straight out of a movie. It's safe to say fall has been pulling out all the stops lately and I'm not hating it. 

Some lovely little things from this season:

Noticing the first blaze of orange leaves 
Sleeping with the windows open
Working with the windows open
Taking walks on my lunch break
Finding a new podcast to listen to on my walks
Pulling fresh banana bread out of the oven
Pulling any kind of fresh bread out of the oven
Catching up on the laundry
Drinking hot tea in the morning
Eating fried food at the local fall festivals
Picking out pumpkins for the back steps
Watching my mums open a little more every day
Soaking up the last little bit of summer weather
Listening to live bluegrass music 
Wearing ankle boots with everything
Practicing my cornhole game
Realizing there's only 6 weeks until Thanksgiving
Planning for some fun fall get-togethers
Adding chili to the menu every week
Eating toasted pumpkin bread for breakfast
Getting cozy at 7pm because it's already dark outside
Pulling out the cold-weather projects
Digging out my fall scarves to wear

What has you most excited about fall?


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  1. I love autumn too! It is SO colorful right now. I like getting a hot latte' and just going through the stroll in some of the older neighborhoods around my town and taking photos. It seems simple, but I enjoy it. I also like doing cheesy stuff like pumpkin patches and decorating the house up for Halloween/Thanksgiving.


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