Happy National Dessert Day + This Week's Links

Friday, October 14, 2016

You guys, it's National Dessert Day! If you were ever going to celebrate a made-up holiday, this seems like the time to do it. The problem is choosing which dessert to celebrate with! I've narrowed it down to three recipes that I'd like to try, but it wasn't easy.

Pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls

Apple cider donut bundt cake

New England apple cider cake

And how delicious does that chocolate peanut butter cup cake look above?! I feel myself getting fatter just looking at the picture! If you're in need of other dessert ideas, feel free to check out all the recipes I'm hoarding for another day.

Here are a few links from this week:

How to find product sources on Pinterest

'Tis the season for wool blankets. Here are 15 gorgeous options.

Wit & Whistle's card selection cracks me up

A recipe for the weekend: chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes

Important things to know this time of year: how to tie a blanket scarf

Other things from the blog this week:

An update on our house hunt progress (or lack thereof)

Fun date night ideas that don't involve eating out

So happy about this season and its slower pace

Have a great weekend!

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  1. pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls?! great. i'm glad i didn't see this last week and hopefully i'll forget about them by the time the weekend rolls around because i really want to try them! also, that pin about a blanket scarf is now probably the most useful pin i have.

    1. I only escaped eating them because I was too lazy to go grocery shopping this weekend. They're inevitably going to happen sometime soon though!!


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