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Monday, October 17, 2016


Obsessed with all things fall. My doorstep is covered in mums and pumpkins, and I'm declaring it sweater weather even though it is just barely cool enough.

Planning a trip to the mountains this weekend. The leaves are supposed to be at their peak color and I'm excited about getting up there to enjoy them.

Moving thanks to this appropriately named app. It sends workout reminders to my phone every 45 minutes. It's great....until it's not and I just get really annoyed at it.

Listening to this new album by Jamestown Revival. It's been on repeat around here lately.

Chasing stinkbugs out of the house constantly! I have never seen so many of them until we moved to Georgia. They seem to come out of the woodwork in the fall.

Dreading having my wisdom teeth out later this week. As soon as I scheduled the surgery, I started hearing a barrage of wisdom teeth surgery horror stories. I'm hoping those were the exception to the rule and it's not going to be that that big of a deal.

Wearing this sweater which is actually on a 40% off sale right now. It's just light and baggy enough for these early fall days.

Trying my hand at banana bread with some dying bananas I had lying around. It turned out really good! I used this super easy recipe I found on Pinterest.

Drinking 60 ounces of water a day -- or at least that's my goal. I have a large water bottle that I keep by my side and try to refill at least twice a day.

Loving protein ice cream! Did you know there was such a thing?! Someone told me about it recently and I've been hooked on the chocolate flavor ever since.


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  1. You'll be fine, it's routine. I had them out when I was 18. I think I was sore for a good week, but it healed up fine, and life went on. ;).

    I do the same with water. I bought a 32 oz cup at Wally World, and I drink two of them a day (usually).

    I'll have to look into this protein ice cream business.

    1. I've got my water bottle right here as I type this... :) Go get you some Halo Top! It's delicious!

  2. If it's any consolation, Mark had his wisdom teeth out with very little trouble. He had only the "laughing gas," had them removed, walked out under his own power, and was pretty normal within 2 days. His biggest irritation was "cleaning out" the holes, which was more of an annoyance than anything else. Does that help alleviate your fears at all?

    1. I think I'm just freaking myself out thinking about it. Luckily, I'll be completely sedated so I don't have to see or feel anything! My Mark told me the same thing about cleaning the area afterwards. That part's kinda freaking me out too, because I hate the thought of holes in my mouth! I'll be glad to have it over with.


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