On a Podcast Kick: 5 New Favorites

Thursday, October 27, 2016


I have a confession to make. I'm a fair-weather podcast listener. I've written posts on some favorite podcasts before and I love the idea of them, but ever since the craze that was Serial, I've been a sporadic listener at best. Working from home seems like the perfect scenario for listening to podcasts all the time, but I don't work well listening to podcasts. Having other people talk while I'm trying to turn my own thoughts into words is not a good combination. Lunch break walks and podcasts, however, are a great combination! And since lunch break walks are my new favorite thing lately, I have been on a podcast binge.

Here's what I've been listening to lately.

How I Built This
This is probably my favorite of the whole batch. NPR really knows how to turn out great podcasts! Each episode of How I Built This features a different person, the company (or product) they've built, and how they've gotten where they are today. They use fancy words like innovator or entrepreneur, but what I love about it is most of the time it's just ordinary people who had an idea and, with a lot of hustle, turned that idea into something huge! My favorites so far have been the story behind the creation of the Clif Bar and Spanx. The next episode in my queue is about how the creators of Instagram came up with the idea. Can't wait to listen to that one!

Young House Love Has a Podcast 
This isn't my normal genre of choice for a podcast, but sometimes they cover a topic that I'm interested in and I'll download that episode. One of my favorites lately was an episode on the huge white wall trend  and whether they actually look and feel as good in person as they do in Instagram and blog photos. They interviewed two bloggers with different opinions on the matter. I'm in the white wall camp at the moment, but I'm interested to see whether the trend fades out or sticks around for awhile. Elsie Larson, one of the bloggers they interviewed in the episode, followed it up with a blog post, if you'd like to read more about it.

Reply All
Reply All describes itself as a podcast about the Internet and, since the Internet can be a very crazy place, their episodes are always fascinating! I was glued to this one about the mother of all Google AdWords scams and then basically repeated the whole episode back to Mark when he got home from work. So good!

This Nashville Life
Country artist Kelleigh Bannen discusses the ins-and-out of the country music industry on her podcast and interviews several behind-the-scenes folks at music labels in Nashville. It's crazy what it takes to produce a song in Nashville, let alone get said song on the radio!

The Science of Social Media
Working in social media, I should be much more inclined to listen to marketing and social media podcasts than I am. The truth is, a lot of them just say the same old thing over and over again. This podcast is made by Buffer and I've actually been enjoying it because they cover such a wide range of topics. My favorite episode so far was an interview they did with the social media manager at NASA. Did you know NASA has more than 500 social accounts and they don't schedule a single post! It's really cool to get insight into how such a large organization approaches social media and their strategies behind it.

Ok, now it's your turn. 
What podcasts have you been listening to lately? 
Do you prefer well-produced podcasts or podcasts where people are just chatting?
Are you one of those magical people who can work and listen to podcasts at the same time?

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  1. Love your podcast suggestions. I'm always looking for good ones to listen to during runs or chores! Mark and I love Rewild Yourself and The Art of Manliness. That last one sounds ridiculous but is actually a decent podcast! Also, love your new blog look!

    1. Thanks for the recs. I will definitely check those out! And thanks for your sweet compliment! Mark helped me design the header and I love it! :)


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