This Week's Links 10.28.16

Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall weekends are the best, amiright? We're taking it easy this weekend with no big plans. Although, I wouldn't mind adding some mini reese pieces to the agenda, since it is Halloween after all!

Here are a few fun links from this week:

Such a cute way to spruce up your doormat

Black exteriors are so unexpectedly classy looking

I can't help but judge a book by its cover

Eight topping options for butternut squash soup

I'm already dreaming about the Thanksgiving dessert table

How to care for your leather boots this winter

A delicious spin on the traditional pumpkin pie

Which fast food restaurants give you the most fries with your order

Have a great weekend!

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  1. i have no words for all of these thanksgiving desserts. i want them all. but i also just want to lose like ten pounds...
    ps. love your new layout :)

    1. I read something back in october that said right then was the lightest we would weigh for the rest of the year. I brushed it off, but then I started thinking about Halloween candy and Thanksgiving and..... sadly, they might have a point. :/


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