This Week's Links 10.7.16

Friday, October 07, 2016

Thinking about everyone this weekend who was affected by Hurricane Matthew over the last few days. Mother Nature is a beast sometimes! We didn't get any of it in Athens, but I know several near the coast who had to evacuate. Hoping life gets back to normal quickly for them! It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here and I'm on a mission to find the weirdest gourds and pumpkins I can for our steps. I know some people prefer the classic round pumpkin this time of year, but I'm all about the weird, warty ones. :)

Here are a few interesting links from this week:

Why won't midcentury design die?

Why Southerners call lunch "dinner" and dinner "supper".

An easy everyday hairstyle to try

I'm almost convinced to start running

Drooling over these two recipes: apple cider donut bundt cake and chocolate chip pumpkin pie

How to refresh a room without spending tons of money

The cutest costume idea I've seen so far this year

A pretty folk sugar skull wallpaper for your desktop

Some posts from the blog this week:

How I workout without going to the gym + a round-up of the free online programs I use

A recap of our adventure thrifting in the mountains

A popular Pinterest trend that I've loving

Have a great weekend!

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