Trend I'm Loving: Mudcloth Pillows

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I haven't been able to open Pinterest lately without one of these beautifully patterned pillows catching my eye. After weeks of getting Pinterest's "You've already pinned this!" alerts, I decided it was time to stop mindlessly repinning and figure out what these beauties were...and, more importantly, where I could get some for myself. Despite the fact that these pillows seem to be having a moment, it turns out the technique is actually quite old, like centuries old!

They're called mudcloth pillows and originally came from the women of Mali's Bamana culture. Mudcloth is actually a very literal name for them since the fabric was traditionally dyed with fermented mud. No two pieces of mudcloth are the same and each tells a story through its symbols, most of them referring to some part of Malian culture.

After learning a little more about the process of making it, I began to understand why they typically range in price from $60-100 a pillow! If you're in the market for some traditional mudcloth pillows for your own home, you can find them here:

Or, if you're like me and can't justify spending that much on a throw pillow at the moment, but still appreciate the beauty of them, here are a few DIYs tutorials:

DIY Mudcloth Inspired Pillow (via Earnest Home Co.)
DIY Mudcloth Using a Paint Swatch (via City Farm House)
DIY Mudcloth Pillow Cover (via My Simply Simple)

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