A Charleston Getaway

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Are you ready for a ridiculous amount of photos? Good, because I've got plenty to share today! We took a short trip to Charleston, South Carolina over the weekend and walking around that beautiful city, snapping photos of window boxes, was my definition of a perfect weekend away. Charleston is such a classy city, no matter what time of year. This was my third time visiting, but the first time seeing it during the fall. The weather was absolutely perfect! A little chilly, but perfect for walking everywhere. Saturday was a "rest day" for me, but I ended up getting more steps than I did all week! It was a pretty beautiful way to exercise.


Mark had a small job to do in the city that morning, so I wandered over to the Battery to waste some time while he worked. We had left our hotel much earlier than I prefer to get up on a Saturday, but the waterfront was so peaceful first thing in the morning. It was just me and some early-morning joggers taking in the sunshine. I took a long walk along South Battery before meeting back up with Mark for lunch.


 We asked a local for a lunch recommendation and he told us as long as we didn't eat at a chain restaurant, we couldn't go wrong. Not very helpful in the way of details, but it really is true. It's just about impossible to get a bad meal in Charleston. I turned to my favorite travel recommendation site (aka Instagram) and decided on Jestine's Kitchen based on the photos of the fried chicken alone. The restaurant was just a short walk down Meeting Street from where Mark was working, so we arrived just as they were opening their doors at 11am. A little early for lunch, but my belly wanted that fried chicken the instant I saw it!

Jestine's Kitchen is an adorable little restaurant that serves bone-warming good southern food. I researched who Jestine was while we waited for our food and loved the little story! You can read about her here. I ordered the fried chicken with mac & cheese and mashed potatoes & gravy and Mark got the fried shrimp po-boy. Our waiter brought some sort of marinated cucumbers to our table that we both looked at with raised eyebrows....until Mark tried them and then asked for two more bowls. He was a big fan!


We walked down King Street after lunch and refrained from purchasing anything besides two 50¢ honey sticks from the Savannah Bee Company. I'm super proud of our cheap selves for managing King Street without spending more than a dollar! I had stumbled on a self-guided walking tour online that someone had put together, so we decided to follow it around town. I called out the street names and put on my best tour-guide voice as we walked along. It was a fun way to see the main sites around town as well as so many cute alleys and side streets. Here's a link to the tour if you're interested.

The tour took us down Tradd Street (pictured above) that was once considered to be "the slum" of Charleston. High standards, these Southerners.


It was a little surprising to me how un-crowded and quiet Charleston was. I'm not sure if it has to do with the time of the year or if it's like that year-round. Several times, I was able to step out into the street to snap a picture of a gorgeous home (crazy tourist) and not fear getting plowed over by a car. More than once, we commented to each other how quiet it was around the city. Of course, we were walking along residential streets most of the time and not main thoroughfares, but still. The slowness to life that people talk about in the South isn't a myth, at least not in Charleston. You can hear the water as you walk alongside it, birds chirping, Waylon Jennings singing from a local construction site... :) It really is the most pleasant atmosphere to walk around. Plus, the people are super nice! Almost everyone we passed, nodded and smiled or said 'good morning' as we walked. 

Mark had me snap a photo of this historic artifact — a payphone! You never see them around anymore. 
basket weaving
red house
yellow flowers
charleston house
south carolina palm

'Til next time, Charleston! You were lovely.

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  1. I went to Charleston twice this past year!

    It's a nice place to visit, but only if you plan it out well. The first time a friend and I went specifically to ride the public transit for a project. We got to stay with a friend, but she didn't live too close to the buses - so it was a lot of Uber for us.

    Last month my BF and I spontaneously went, but mainly because his work made him go. There was no planning in advance. Also, I got lost looking for the Moonpie Shop even though it was 3 minutes walking distance form the hotel. Hahaha.

    I still REALLY want to ride a carriage because it looks like so much fun!

    1. We didn't plan our trip out very well either and sometimes I like that - just doing things on a whim. The downside is sometimes you miss really great spots that were right under your nose or just a street over! We'll have to check out that Moonpie Shop next time we visit! My husband would LOVE that.

  2. Great post! I just love Charleston! I've been about 4 times in the last few years for various occasions: vacations, weddings, bridal showers and my best friend's graduation from The Citadel. Next time you go back you will have to stop by Cupcakes downtown. They had the best red velvet cupcake I've ever tasted!

    1. Oh man, that sounds dangerous! haha Thanks for the recommendation!


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