Dreaming About Thanksgiving

Monday, November 14, 2016


I started dreaming about Thanksgiving or, more specifically, the Thanksgiving dessert table, a good two weeks ago, at least. I can't believe this is the last full work week before four blissful days of food...er, family time...no, mainly food. Thanksgiving has got to be one of the best holidays of the year since it is perfectly acceptable to just lounge around and eat, on repeat, all day (and weekend). That's truly something to be thankful for!

This year we'll be celebrating for the first time in my parents' new house in Virginia, with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for the entire clan (another reason to be thankful!). Besides the cozy fireplace and aforementioned dessert table, I'm looking forward to playing some games (Phase10 and Settlers of Catan are our favorites), wearing the comfiest pants I can find, and being incredibly lazy for four days in a row.

I'm also hoping to try out some new recipes, although narrowing down which ones I want to make has been freaking hard! Just when I think I have my plan set, another ridiculously good-looking recipe pops up in my Pinterest feed. Knock it off, Internet! Because we're planning to drive up late Wednesday and basically won't be arriving until early Thanksgiving morning, my mom is doing all the grocery shopping ahead of time. Bless her. I don't want to be anywhere near a grocery store the week of Thanksgiving! I sent her my ingredients list last week, but I'm going to have to edit it at least two more times if these delicious looking recipes don't stop showing up. As for Mark, he will be carrying his brand new deep-fryer to Virginia to try his hand at frying a turkey. [Insert slightly scared face here]. Luckily, Mom is cooking the back-up bird.

I'm trying to be good this week, working out every day, and doing a quick Whole7 (or maybe Whole14, we'll see) in prep for the feasting ahead. Thanksgiving is no time to worry about eating healthy (again, Thanksgiving dessert table!), so I'm trying to be good this week in preparation.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

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