How to Support Small Business Saturday

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


With only days to go until Thanksgiving, most of us are focused on spending time with family and relaxing for a few days. I'm trying my hardest to wrap up as many lingering work projects as I can today so I can take the next few days off, completely stress-free.

Like most people, I love the peaceful feeling of Thanksgiving. To paraphrase this lovely Nora Ephron quote, it's the one day of the year that millions of Americans sit down for the same exact meal, the same meal they ate last year and the year before, for the same exact purpose. There's something beautiful about that. And, yet, it's not lost on me that we wait barely a few hours after dinner to jump straight back into the chaos (aka Black Friday). This sums it up pretty well.

The contrast of Small Business Saturday with Black Friday is really what makes the concept so appealing to me. Small Business Saturday is not about getting the best deal or mapping out the best stampede route through a mega-box store. It's about supporting the mom & pop shops in your local community and embracing the shop small mentality. To me, that seems like a much more fitting attitude to have following Thanksgiving.

Because we'll be traveling to my parents for Thanksgiving this year, I've had to think of some alternative ways to celebrate Small Business Saturday. We won't be able to walk into the brick-and-mortar storefronts of local small businesses here in Athens, but we'll still be able to shop small online as well as support the local businesses in my Virginia hometown. We're also going to try to show our support by eating at the local mom & pop restaurants when we go out or by ordering a coffee from the local coffee shop instead of large chains like Starbucks.

If you would like to learn more about Small Business Saturday and its economic impact, check out this article by Fundera. Fundera helps small business owners obtain loans to fund seasonal workers and increased inventory during the holidays. You can learn more about the company and their services on their website.

Despite employing 55% of the American workforce and creating two-thirds of all new jobs in the United States, the odds are increasingly stacked against small businesses. Show your support this holiday season by shopping small on Saturday, November 26th!

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