When Life Doesn't Fit On Instagram

Tuesday, November 08, 2016


In a season that's practically drenched with social media content (pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves, election commentary, etc.), I've been feeling at a loss for content. And not just because I don't drink pumpkin spice lattes, take pictures of leaves, or desire to engage in Trump/Clinton debates. It's mostly because my life lately has been a steady cycle of folding the laundry, emptying the dishwasher, checking off client projects, working out, going to bed early, tracking calories, and a deluge of other unglamorous, non-blog worthy events. But, the thing is, these so-called non-blog worthy days are the existance of almost every blogger out there. We all go through our daily routines and, while there may be a smattering of fun, social media content at the surface, we're all cleaning our bathrooms behind-the-scenes. If we manage to score a cute, light-filled photo of our bathtub with the Anthropologie candle and turkish towels placed just so in the process, then that's awesome! (I am the last person who is going to bash perfectly curated photos.) But, more often than not, I'm just cleaning the bathroom with some paper towels and the annoyingly yellow Scrubbing Bubbles squirt bottle and nothing about that screams "share this on social media!".

So that's where I am right now. Going through the day-to-day and, honestly, quite happy with it — even if it's proving to be not so photo-worthy. We've been heading to bed insanely early every night this week, and it has been heavenly. I can already feel the pull of winter's hibernation mode coming on. There's a slowness to our days that I love and am trying to soak in before the holidays arrive. 

I'll probably be posting an Instagram photo of the leaves by next week or snapping a photo of a Starbucks caramel apple spice, but for now life is ordinary in the best possible way and, thankfully, the lack of a social media post doesn't affect that in the least. 

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