10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Tuesday, December 06, 2016


Rainy days. Usually I am all about the sunshine and heat, but lately, I've been loving the coziness that a rainy winter day brings. We've also been having a massive drought in Georgia and, although we haven't been affected by the crazy wildfires, it has hit close to home. I have a new appreciation for the sound of rain and have been learning to just cozy up and enjoy it while it's here.

Sweat with Kayla app. I've been using this app solely for my workouts for a little over a month now and I'm completely hooked on the routine. Workouts only take about 30 minutes, but they leave me with jelly legs every time! I also like having cool downs and stretch routines built directly into the app since I am horrible at doing that on my own.

iPhone 7+ camera. I traded in an old iPhone for the 7+ on Cyber Monday and the camera is giving me all kinds of heart-eyes. It has a Portrait mode that is to die for. I love it when my phone camera makes it look like I've actually got some photography skills.

Maple Apple Cider tea.  A friend introduced this to me a few months ago and I instantly went home and ordered a giant box of it off Amazon. Now I have maple apple cider tea bags coming out of my ears! Loving my cozy mornings curled up with a hot cup.

Bullet journaling. I have been completely hooked on this lately. It's basically a way of creating your own daily planner and a good excuse to use my Tombow brush pens that I'm so obsessed with. I'll try to write a full post on this later.

Bluetooth headphones. This has been a total game changer when it comes to working out! It took a little while to find a pair that didn't fall out of my ears, but I've been using the Backbeat Fit headphones for about a week and really like them!

Sweet potato casserole. Still not over this side dish even though Thanksgiving was weeks ago. My papa sent me some homegrown Virginia sweet potatoes and we have pecans growing on a tree outside, so making this dish was a no-brainer. I use this recipe to make it.

Candles. I've finally pulled out all my candles and scattered them around the house. Combine candles with rainy days and the maple apple cider tea I mentioned earlier and you've almost got perfection. Honestly, though, I have like two favorite candles that I carry from room to room with me so I can smell them wherever I'm working at the moment. The rest just sit out as decoration.

Working from home. I recently had an early morning appointment that made me thankful all over again that I'm able to work from home. I don't miss bundling up to go out and then waiting for my car to warm up every morning! Padding down the hallway in my warm socks suits me just fine. :)

Sweatshirts. I found the coziest sweatshirts in the men's section of TJMaxx this week and they have basically become my everyday wardrobe. I was looking for things for Mark and ended up putting it all in my closet instead!

Ok, your turn. What have you been loving this month?

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  1. Just about anything with sweet potatoes wins my heart and tummy over! I am loving "The Crown" on Netflix lately. I watched in a few weeks ago and decided to introduce it to my husband. There's something so unique about period pieces!

    1. Loved The Crown! I binged it way too fast and was sad when it was over. So excited to hear they're filming a second season now!


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