Gift Guide: Gifts That Won't Take Up Space

Thursday, December 08, 2016


I've been feeling the need lately to eliminate the amount of clutter that comes into our home. As we dive headlong into gift guide season, I'm realizing that most gift guides contain just that — more clutter. I love marble candle holders and brass accessories as much as the next person, don't get me wrong, but I honestly have no need for them in my house at the moment. That said, I don't think gifts should be on a need-to-have basis only. What would be the fun in that?! Instead, I tried to think of some nice-to-have gifts that you wouldn't otherwise buy for yourself. Most of them are practical, useful things, but, most importantly, none of them will add clutter or take up space!

Give the cheer without the random fluff this year! Here are a few ideas:


Sign someone up for a local class, something they're interested in but haven't bitten the bullet on yet. I've been eyeing a local calligraphy class for months now and have yet to go! If calligraphy is not their thing, look into local pottery classes, fitness classes, cooking, screenprinting, coding, wreath making, floral design...the ideas are endless! Do a quick Google search to see what's available in their area.


I recently heard someone recommend Amazon Prime subscriptions as a gift for new moms, but who isn't a fan of free two-day shipping?! It's a gift that could work for anyone and doesn't take up any extra space. Other great subscription options are a Hulu or Netflix subscription or a subscription to their favorite magazine. 


This is another gift idea that could work for anyone! A membership to the zoo is a great option for families with young children. A membership to the botanical gardens would work for your parents or grandparents who enjoy taking walks out in nature. A membership to Costco or Sam's Club would work for your young married friends who enjoy hosting dinner parties. You can also check out local museums for some fun membership options!


Gifting an experience is always fun! Surprise your sister with tickets to her favorite musician in concert, your dad with tickets to see his favorite sports team play, your mom with tickets to the theater, and your little brother with tickets to Six Flags to ride the scariest roller coasters!


For that special someone, gift a weekend getaway! It can be planned for a few months out, but the anticipation is half the fun, right? Best of all, you'll get in on the fun too since you get to tag along! :)

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  1. Super ideas! I'm with you, just say no to clutter😝


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