16 Favorites from 2016

Monday, January 09, 2017

Adios, 2016! You sure made your mark, but you brought lots of good things too. In an effort to be clever, I've narrowed them down to 16 things. Because '16, get it?

Favorite podcast How I Built This. I listened to more podcasts than ever this year thanks to lunch-break walks and working out, but this one most definitely tops the list. I end up saying that every episode is my favorite episode, but that's just because they're all so good. I loved getting to know a little more about companies, like Patagonia and Clif Bar, and have a whole new appreciation for the perseverance and doggedness of entrepreneurs.

Favorite weekend getaway Charleston. This quick hop to Charleston was such a relaxing weekend that I wish could happen more often. Spur of the moment trips always end up being the best ones, don't you think?  Plus, Charleston just wins all the pretty city and amazing food awards.

Favorite workout program / a tie between Tone It Up and Sweat. I like both of these programs for different reasons, but mostly because I can see huge progress doing each of them. I'm carrying them with me into the new year and am currently working on Tone It Up's 42 Day Challenge and starting Week 10 of Sweat (or BBG). Highly recommend both!

Favorite hike Yonah Mountain. We took this hike on one of the hottest days of 2016, but it was gorgeous! I love that the North Georgia mountains are close enough for day hikes and would love to make it a goal to go more often in 2017.

Favorite album The Education of a Wandering Man by Jamestown Revival. One of my favorite bands put out an album with so many good songs, so this one was a no-brainer. Plus, you know how associate certain songs with certain memories? I've got a lot of those that go along with these songs.

Favorite find / Vintage record console. Mark and I were talking about looking for a vintage record console for our living room and I opened Instagram the next day to see this one for sale in Atlanta - in perfect working condition, no less! We drove the truck down to pick her up and she was sitting in our living room that night. I wish all purchases could be that easy!

Favorite concert / Shovels & Rope. Love this band and love that I got to see them in person in one of my favorite cities!

Favorite drink / Yogi Vanilla Spice tea. After years of complaining that I couldn't find a hot drink I liked, I finally found this gem. It's become a daily morning routine to sit down with a hot cup and one that I seriously look forward to. I'm completely hooked!

Favorite project / weaving. I haven't spent much time weaving since last winter/spring, but I'm still in love with this art form. It's so relaxing and fun to work on new pieces. Plus, yarn shopping is totally addicting. I'm looking forward to picking it back up this year.

Favorite show / a tie between The Crown and Good Girls Revolt. I hear there's going to be a second season to at least one of these, but I could watch them both over right now. So good!

Favorite new habit / lunch break walks. Learning how to work from home productively has been a process, but stepping out of the house for a walk every day has been a huge game-changer. I haven't been for awhile, because #freezing but I'm looking forward to more walks in 2017.

Favorite song Smithsonian by The Avett Brothers. Love, love, love.

Favorite book Dead Wake by Erik Larson. This was one of those books that made me sad when it was over. It was such a pleasure to read. That sounds bad since it's actually about people dying when the Lusitania sank, but I mean it as a compliment to Erik Larson. He is a truly fascinating storyteller.

Favorite accomplishment / sticking to a morning routine. It took several months to find one that worked, but I'm happy to say I finally accomplished my 2016 goal of getting better at mornings. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm a morning person now, but I certainly don't dread them like I used to.

Favorite product / Fitbit Blaze. Mark surprised me with this last month and it has been, hands-down, my favorite thing for the past few weeks. I love how it looks and operates and use it on the reg for workouts.

Favorite accessory / Lucky Brand Basel Boots. These were (and still are) my go-to shoes for everyday and dressier outfits. They're so versatile and amazingly comfy and I've walked e'rrywhere in them!

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