Dreaming Big With a Minimalist Syle

Monday, January 23, 2017

I often struggle at visualizing something without seeing it first on paper. As we've been house hunting, we've looked at several older homes with intentions of tearing down certain walls or converting smaller spaces into new uses, and it can be difficult when you're not great at visualizing the final result. When I am able to see it, though, it's a whole different story and I become instantly attached to that picture in my head. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing when house hunting as it can quickly lead to disappointment when the idea doesn't pan out the way I planned.

Regardless, it's still fun to stand in an empty room and dream up a beautiful space. One of those spaces that I've been dreaming about lately is a dressing room -- nothing extravagant, just a clean, minimalist space with great lighting and storage. 

Neutral colors are my jam in pretty much everything, but I especially love the idea of keeping a dressing room neutral so it doesn't seem "messy". Clothes have a tendency (at least in my world) of always looking jumbled and cluttered. Keeping things organized with a simple Ikea storage system and cute baskets are key when it comes to hiding conquering the clutter. 

Lighting also plays a huge part. How else would we see how grand we look every morning?! I love love love these brass pendant lights from Arhaus since they add just the right bit of detail while still keeping with a clean, minimalist look.

Do you have a dressing room in your house or would you ever consider creating one? I think even having a small corner dedicated to getting ready each morning would be a nice addition.

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  1. The minimalist style is everywhere for me recently ... i think someone is trying to tell me something! I really like the pieces you've picked out above, really great.
    I've also always liked the idea of creating a dressing area, too!


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