A Spring Shopping List

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I had pulled out the sandals and dresses when winter decided to have one last go here in the South. Oh well, it has just made me look forward to spring that much more. I couldn't sleep the other night (hello, Daylight Saving Time) so I went on a mini-shopping trip from the bed. There are so many good things out there right now and it's doing nothing to help my spring fever!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Love the look of these tasseled sandals. The color would go with literally everything and you can't beat that price point for a pair of go-to summer sandals.

I think I just discovered my springtime uniform: a long cardigan, white tee, black jeans, and sandals.

This t-shirt looks so incredibly soft with just the right amount of slouch.

I've seen this style shoe around a lot lately and am having a hard time deciding whether I like them or not. This dove color almost has me sold on them, though.

"Athleisure" has been my style of choice all winter, so I'm trying to find some ways to carry it over into spring without looking like I'm in my pjs. Loving everything about this look.

By far, this is the prettiest top I found on my late-night shopping spree. I need this in both colors.

Can we just talk about the word "shooties" for a minute? Lol. I want to buy these gorgeous things just because of that.

This tank top is so representative of my life right now.

And, finally, let's top the whole this shopping spree off with a new pair of sunglasses! Gosh, I can't wait to have some sunny days on repeat. Warby Parker just launched their Spring 2017 collection today and there's a definite bigger-is-better vibe going on that I love. The Margo's (pictured above) are some of my favorites from the collection!

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