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Monday, April 10, 2017

Wanting to add one of these snowball looking bushes to our yard. I saw this one on a walk recently and it was a showstopper! I don't know what they're called (besides snowball looking bush) but I've seen them blooming everywhere lately.

Adjusting to our new living situation. It's taken a little while to feel like home, since most of our things are in boxes and half the house is a total mess...but we're getting there.

Waiting for summer. I'm so ready for it. We've had a few classic April showers days and, even though I know they're helping with this horrible pollen, I just can't wait for days on end of sunshine.

Cooking on an electric skillet (and using the crockpot and grill). We're starting the kitchen remodel first, so our stove and sink our out of commission at the moment. I'm having to get creative!

Looking at paint swatches until I go cross-eyed. My two favorite wall colors are white and gray which are the absolute worst colors to choose because there are literally a MILLION of them with the subtlest differences. At this point, I'm thinking I should just close my eyes and pick one at random.

Starting week 23 of BBG and still really loving this program. I'm trying really hard to bring morning workouts back.

Hitting my step count EASILY on house project days. Moving, let alone remodeling, is no joke. No wonder Joanna Gaines looks so fit!

Listening to lots of podcasts lately. The Bobbycast and This Nashville Life are two of my favorites lately. For some reason, the behind-the-scenes of the music industry is really fascinating to me and these two shows, while mostly about country music, really dive into the hidden parts of it. Mark and I also just finished S-Town and we both really liked it, even though it got a little dark and twisted at points.

Wearing these Nikes all the time. I spotted them on Lauren Loves a while back and then snagged them when they were on sale a few months ago. Great decision.

Waking up a little earlier than usual. Ever since reading Amanda's post about waking up, I've been trying to actually get up when I wake up instead of lounging in bed. I succeeded one day last week, but I'm going to give it a serious try again this week.

Trying to find a new swimsuit for this summer, even though it's probably entirely too early to be thinking about this. I love the halter style that is everywhere this year and have my eye on this one.

all my self-control to avoid the plant section. Working on a house means lots of trips to Lowes, which also means walking by the newly packed plant section. I can't bring any more plant babies home while we're working on the house, but I'm always eyeing them while Mark paces the plumbing aisle.

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  1. Are those hydrangeas? That's what they look like to me. I hope that y'all are enjoying the new house!

    1. Well, I figured it out...they're actually called Snowball Viburnum. I wasn't too far off base! The bushes get super tall so I was confused as to how a hydrangea bush could get that big! lol Mystery solved.

  2. yes! hydrangeas are the best!

    1. Love hydrangeas! I found out these are actually called Snowball Viburnum. They're basically hydrangeas taller cousins lol. We found a hydrangea bush in the backyard of our new house and I can't wait to see if it blooms this year!

  3. Are you going to be documenting your house remodel projects here? I'd love to see the changes! Also, Bobby Bones is amazing. My bf and I love listening to his radio show.

    1. Yes! I'm hoping to share some before photos soon. :)


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