Life Lately

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Grilling corn on the cob

Reading Eating on the Wild Side

Sipping apple cider vinegar every morning

Shopping for fresh veggies at our town's tiny little farmers market

Loving our new bedroom rug

Searching for another rug for my office

Ordering our kitchen cabinets!!

Eating Greek yogurt mixed with honey & almond butter

Discovering that I actually love blackberries

Listening to Brent Cobb

Taking a break from BBG this week and getting in lots of walks instead

Itching to go to the mountains

Counting down until the Fourth of July

Picking out our countertops

Dreaming of a finished kitchen

Guzzling water to make this sore throat go away

Noticing how late the sun stays out these days

Wishing there was more time for blogging

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