Easy Tips for Healthy Eating (Without a Kitchen)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We're coming up on five months without a working kitchen in our house (#remodelingwoes), but somehow we've made it work. Surprisingly, it hasn't been that painful. The old me would have quickly resorted to pizza delivery or the Mexican restaurant down the street for every meal, but I've discovered that eating healthy at home is not that difficult - even without a kitchen! We still indulge in the occasional pizza or night out, but most days we cook and eat at home.

Cooking healthy meals without a working kitchen can be an inconvenience, but not an impossibility. There've been a few times when I've thought tearing out our kitchen was one of the dumbest life choices we've made so far but, in reality, we've got it made. I have an outdoor grill with a side burner, an electric skillet, a microwave, a toaster, and a slow cooker at my disposal, so as long as a recipe doesn't call for baking or roasting, I'm usually able to do it.

The first and most obvious tip for healthy eating (with or without a kitchen) is to have healthy foods on hand. If that's what's in your pantry, then there's a good likelihood that's what you'll eat. I try to make weekly trips to our farmers market for fresh vegetables that we can put on the grill for dinners and always keep a stock of Banza noodles and fresh avocados on hand for a quick meal. Our freezer is stocked with ground venison that I use in place of hamburger meat for spaghetti, tacos, or burgers.

I've learned that easy meals, especially leftovers, are the absolute best when cooking is a hassle. Whenever we grill dinners (hobo packs are our favorite), I always make extra to last us a few more days. Other than weekends, the evenings are the main time that work gets done on the house so something quick and easy like leftovers makes life much easier.

Our fridge has been exiled to the basement during the remodel, but it's always stocked with plain yogurt and fresh fruit for easy breakfasts. Sometimes, I'll carry a pot of water outside to the grill to hard-boil some eggs that we can keep on hand for breakfasts and snacks as well. The key is to prevent ourselves from reaching the point of hangry where we throw up our arms and head to the closest drive-through. (It's happened a few times, trust me). Easy grab-and-go solutions, like GoMacro bars, are a good way to prevent that from happening. Plus, they're made with simple, clean ingredients so I feel good about what I'm eating.

The last tip I have for you is to construct filling meals. There's nothing worse than cooking a whole meal, eating it and cleaning up, only to be hungry shortly after. I like to sneak healthy fats, like avocados, chia seeds, or almond butter, into recipes to keep us satiated longer.

Most importantly, though, it's about enjoying the process without viewing it as a huge inconvenience. Food today revolves around speed, both in preparation and how we eat it. Eating healthy means a little more time and effort, but it truly pays off. There will always be a more convenient time to eat healthier — after vacation, once the kids are back in school, after the kitchen remodel is done, or when you have more shopping options available — but there's no better time than right now. I like to think that the healthy habits we're creating now while we building our kitchen will translate over once it's finished, so we can enjoy even more healthy meals together in our brand new kitchen!

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