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Monday, August 14, 2017

Taking lots of walks, sometimes 2-3 a day, to meet my August goal of 10k steps a day, and it's kinda my favorite thing.

Listening to some new podcasts on my daily walks. Ear Hustle has been a favorite lately.

Watching Ozark on Netflix. [Insert wide-eyed emoji here]

Wearing this clay mask mixed with apple cider vinegar because it makes my skin feel so good!

Making a conscious effort to blog more. Anything particular you like reading about?

Drinking kombucha (yeah, I jumped on that train).

Planning meals to make this week a little easier.

Settling on a kitchen cabinet color. Why are some decisions so hard?!

Spending my mornings outside on the porch watching the rain. The fall vibes are coming on strong.

Sipping this herbal tea on cool mornings.

Eating this coffee ice cream on hot afternoons.

Feeling productive after all the house projects we completed last week!

Picking out countertops.

Searching for a white apron kitchen sink. Any recommendations?

Loving all the baby deer in our backyard, even if they did eat my sweet potato vine.

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  1. I feel like I can agree with so many of these! Especially the attempt to blog more- what a fun creative outlet that has been. Maybe we could collab one these days- I'd love to feature your remodel on my blog! :)

    1. Oh that would be fun! I can't wait to have some After photos to share. ;)

  2. Ikea has this apron sink - - that I would love to put in our kitchen! Alas, granite countertops do not make for an easy sink install, so I'm afraid it's on the "at some point" list. Related, granite countertops are the worst.

    1. Thanks for the link! I've heard good things about Ikea's sinks. I think I need to plan a trip there soon! Good to know about granite - I've picked out some quartz countertops for our kitchen.


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