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Friday, September 29, 2017

It's been awhile since I've posted an update. I feel like I blinked sometime during July and, suddenly, it became October (almost). Despite the massive speed of this entire year, I'm looking forward to welcoming a new month. October is full of so many good things (like pumpkins and ankle boots), but before we go there, here's a look back at the past few months.

We watched the solar eclipse.
Wait...has it really been over a month since this happened?! We were just outside of the path of totality, but it was still amazing to see. My favorite part was watching the sky grow dark and the street lights turn on. At one point, the crickets started chirping like it was nighttime. It was very surreal to see.

I completely fell off the workout train.
After a year of daily workouts and steady routine, my motivation/desire/discipline (whatever you want to call it) just walked off the scene. I forced myself through a couple weeks, but the inconsistency was killing me. I honestly think I'm just burned out on the same workout structure and need to switch things up. I paused the subscription to my Sweat app last week and am looking for a new program to start. In the meantime, long walks are sufficing as my daily de-stressor. 

We survived Hurricane Irma.
She was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time she reached North Georgia, but that was enough to send hundreds of trees flying. We managed to escape any damage to our house, despite numerous trees falling on our street and neighbors' houses. The power was out for some time and there was a lot of clean-up, but all in all, it turned out okay.

We bought a new bed.
Besides buying a house, this was probably one of the most adult things I've ever done. After too many mornings with sore backs and hips, we marched ourselves down to the Sleep Number store (#notsponsored) to buy a new mattress. It finally arrived last week and in true "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" fashion, I immediately realized we needed new sheets, new pillows, new shams, a new duvet, and a new bed frame. Sorry, bank account. While I'm waiting for this bed frame to go on sale, I'm on the hunt for the softest linen duvet cover I can find.

We extended our renovation permit.
Originally, we were scheduled to have an inspection this week but instead, we've extended our permit for another six months. Yes, that's right - this remodel is still dragging on. We're down in the weeds of mind-numbing electrical work that is taking forever to get done. We've also been traveling a lot this past month which has limited our time to work on the house. Hopefully, we'll be able to buckle down and get it finished later this month. Next up, kitchen plumbing!

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