Slowing Down For Fall

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I always feel the urge to slow down as summer slips away. There hasn't been a big temperature shift here in Georgia yet (hello, upper 80s) but the days are getting shorter and there's a yellow tinge on the leaves outside. Inside, I'm in full-on fall nesting mode — adding new blankets and pillows to our bed, drinking all the hot tea and diffusing cinnamon. Half the house is still being renovated so I can't exactly set out the pumpkins and candles, but all bets are off for the rest of the house!

In the past, I've often associated this feeling of slowing down with a lack of motivation and it has made me feel incredibly lazy. I no longer want to workout first thing in the morning and I'd much rather spend long evenings curled up with a book. Like clockwork, I've found myself in that transition again this year. Instead of growing frustrated, I'm learning to embrace these transitional times. Maybe, just maybe, our bodies know what they're talking about when they ask us to slow down a bit.

Honestly, if there ever was a good time to pause and take in the little things, it's at the start of this beautiful season. Fall is chocked full of pretty little details from the crisp air to the sun shadows on the sidewalk. Taking a moment to breathe all of that in just feels good.

Here are some ways I'm taking it slow this season without the guilt-trip:

+ Working out in the afternoons so I can start my morning slowly with a hot cup of tea instead
+ Cooking larger, more filling meals and sitting down at the table to eat them
+ Taking breaks during my work days to step outside and take a short walk
+ Filling up my nightstand with books to read in the evenings
+ Drinking herbal tea or diffusing oils before bed (or sometimes both!)
+ Sprucing up our bed with new pillows and covers
+ Not making any plans for the weekend
+ Taking spur of the moment drives through the mountains
+ Focusing on slower workouts, like yoga, that requires being in tune with my breath
+ Meal prepping so suppers are already made or at least almost made

What are some ways you slow down during this season?

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