30 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Winter

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I used to think “self-care” was just another word for doing whatever the heck you wanted. Sleep in, watch movies all day, eat a dozen doughnuts. Self-care, y’all.  It took me an embarrassingly amount of time to learn that is actually called self-indulgence and it is the farthest thing from care. It’s easy to self-indulge. Not so easy to self-care. But when things are hard it just means we need more practice at them. So that’s exactly what I’m purposing to do this winter. My hibernation mode dials up to 100 during these months and I have a tendency to self-indulge more than self-care. I’m making a goal to change that, starting with the ideas below.

Who’s with me? If we just practiced one of these methods of self-care every week, it would be mid-June when we finished. Think of the awesome habits that could be in place by then!

1. Practice yoga
2. Find somewhere quiet and meditate
3. Light a candle or diffuse essential oils
4. Curl up with your favorite book
5. Take a walk outside
6. Notice your breath as you breathe
7. Get a full night's sleep
8. Dry brush
9. Put on your favorite comfy clothes
10. Meet a friend at a coffee shop
11. Spend time by yourself
12. Turn off your phone for a few hours
13. Write in a journal
14. Bake something from a recipe
15. Take a nap
16. Make plans for a future trip
17. Take a drive in the country
18. Listen to an audiobook
19. Get a massage
20. Have a mini declutter session
21. Check out books from the library
22. Watch an ASMR video
23. Get a pedicure
24. Have an intense workout session
25. Watch your favorite childhood movie
26. Single-task
27. Sit in front of a fire
28. Play music that helps you relax
29. Drink some hot tea
30. Buy yourself flowers

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