Black Friday In The Mountains

Monday, November 27, 2017

After the most delicious Thanksgiving, Mark and I spent our Black Friday in the mountains of North Georgia. We originally had a pretty chill day planned at home, cleaning and catching up on laundry, until we decided to drive up to the mountains on a whim. I was more than happy to abandon my laundry-folding.

The GPS sent us down several dirt roads on our way to Springer Mountain. At one point, a rooster crossed the road in front of our car and I thought it couldn't get more country than that! Springer Mountain is the southernmost end (or beginning, depending which direction you're going) of the Appalachian Trail. We hiked on the trail for a little while, but mostly took it easy driving around the mountain. It was the most gorgeous day and I had the windows rolled down, Willie Nelson on the radio, and a bag of sugared pecans from Thanksgiving to snack on.

I had no qualms about spending my Black Friday in the mountains with no cell service. In fact, I preferred it. My inbox and the Internet, in general, has been exploding with lists of things to buy, sales to not miss, and last-minute-buy-it-right-now-WHAT-ARE-YOU-WAITING-FOR?! blasts that are seriously stressing me out. I hate feeling a sense of urgency to buy something that I don't need with money that I don't have.

You hear a lot about "holiday stress" this time of year and I think a lot of it has to do with the onslaught of sales and expectation to buy all the things. Spending a day in the mountains was a good reminder that we don't have to subscribe to all the madness. I had more fun laughing at roosters in the road and standing in front of a gorgeous waterfall than I would with anything I could buy on Black Friday. And now I'll get off my soap box. :)

Here are a few more photos, if you'd like to see.

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