First Snow of the Season!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I was on a work trip to Richmond when we had the first snow of winter this year. Snow is a big deal in the South, so I was a little bummed to be missing the excitement of it, on top of missing the first snow at our new house.  Luckily, Richmond made up for it and let me experience a winter wonderland there as well!

My company's Christmas party was the same night so snow was a festive addition. A white Christmas is very rare in Virginia (and Georgia) so a white Christmas party was the next best thing. :) The snow ended up delaying my flight to Atlanta the next morning, which meant I got to spend a few extra hours at my sister's place. We had a lazy Saturday morning before venturing out to explore Scott's Addition. I loved getting to experience the city in the snow! Now, I'm just waiting to see the snow fall at home. There's still time this winter, so fingers crossed.

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