Weekend links 12.22.17

Friday, December 22, 2017

The holiday festivities are kicking off this weekend. How are you feeling? Stressed? Excited? Exhausted? A combination of all three? I've gone into full-blown prevention mode over here after waking up with a sore throat yesterday. I'm pulling out all my tricks to prevent this from turning into an actual cold.

We'll be hanging out with my siblings this weekend and then have a much slower-paced, quiet week at home next week. I am so looking forward to it! I mentioned on Instagram this week that I'll be starting a January Whole30 on the 2nd, so I'll be using the downtime next week to get myself organized and motivated for the new year. If you're interested in joining me, head over to my IG Stories for some tips and recipes!

Here are some links I've enjoyed this week! Have a wonderful Christmas.

I'm so excited about Yoga with Adriene's 30-day yoga journey starting in January.

Oxygen is the most important nutrient we consume, but there's a right and wrong way to deliver it to the cells in your body.

How to buy those awesome chunky knit blankets without going broke.

What your airplane seat choice says about you. I'm selfish and like to nest.

Would you try a smartphone detox? I feel like we could all benefit from this.

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