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Monday, February 19, 2018

It's been quite awhile since I've posted a house update on the blog, so I'm remedying that today with a line-up of the projects we have planned for this year. It feels like we're finally in the home stretch of completing this remodel, although there's still several months of work to be done. We had our rough-in inspection in January which was a huge milestone for us! We were supposed to have it back in October, but delays and back problems extended it into 2018. For the longest time this inspection has felt like the shining light at the end of a very long tunnel, mostly because it marked the end of the "tearing apart" phase and the beginning of the "putting back together" phase. It also means all of the important, but not very glamorous projects, like electrical and plumbing, are done! After ten months of work, we're finally ready to put this house back in order.

Here's what we're hoping to accomplish this year.

1. Install drywall.
Our first major project of the new year is one I'm most excited about. Drywall! When we first moved into this house there was dark paneling everywhere and, once we ripped it out, there was nothing but exposed studs and insulation. So you can imagine how excited I get over the thought of beautiful, fresh, white drywall. It's going to look like a completely different house! This is a project that we've hired out, since neither Mark and I were very interested in tackling drywall ourselves. We have a crew currently working on finishing it.

2. Paint the living room & dining room.
Once the drywall is installed, the painting party starts once again. We're having drywall installed on the ceilings as well as the walls, so this is going to be a chore! At the moment, we're considering hiring this project out as well. After spending so much money on new drywall, the last thing we want to do is make it look cheap with a bad paint job. Totally calling myself out here, because even though I don't mind painting I am by no means great at it. 

3. Lay hardwoods in kitchen and refinish all floors.
Our first project when we moved into this house was to rip up the layers of old linoleum in the kitchen and laundry room and patch the sub-floor in a few spots. Since then, it's just been raw sub-floor, but the plan is to lay new white oak flooring and (hopefully) tie it in with the rest of the house. Now that we've taken down so many walls and created a big open concept home, we want the hardwoods to flow seamlessly from room to room. There are also several places where walls used to be that need to be patched. Neither of us have any experience blending hardwoods, so we're equally nervous and excited about this project. The bedroom floors are all in good shape, but need to be sealed so we'll hopefully tackle that at the same time.

4. Build a kitchen.

Once the flooring is done, our next step is to install the kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, lighting, and tile backsplash. Based on our cabinet maker's schedule plus the other projects we need to finish first, my estimate for this project is June or July. Hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself by typing that! We've tweaked our kitchen layout a few times and gone back and forth on cabinet colors, but we're both pretty happy with the final plan. Now we just need to see it come to life!

5. Paint the guest bathroom.
I've gone back and forth on the pink tile bathroom in this house and have finally grown to actually like it a little bit. Bathroom remodels aren't on our list this year, but I think a fresh coat of paint would do wonders for now.

6. Prep laundry room for tile.
The laundry room (along with the kitchen) are the two rooms that were completely gutted during this remodel. I'm not as worried about completing the laundry room this year — a functioning kitchen definitely takes priority — but we want to do a few things to make it usable. This includes preparing the floor for tile and maybe installing the tile (if I can actually decide on a tile).

7. Install replacement windows in kitchen and laundry room.
The windows in the kitchen and laundry room are old single-pane windows that aren't very energy-efficient. For budget sake, we're hoping to replace these three first and save the rest of the house for another year.

8. Paint shutters and clean exterior.
This is a "would be nice" item that I'd love to get to this year if time and budget allows. We haven't done much exterior or landscaping work at all since moving in and I'm itching to spruce the outside up a little too.

P.S. I recently started a separate Instagram account to document our house remodel, if you'd like to follow along.

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