Friday, February 16, 2018

Yesterday was a gloomy cloudy day, but it was the little things that made it one of my favorite days. My trusty little Honda has been broken down for about a month due to a busted timing belt. It hasn't been that big of a deal since I work from home, but not being able to run errands or get to the grocery store or simply leave the house when I wanted to is incredibly debilitating. 

My sweet husband, who already had a million things on his plate, managed to get the belt replaced this week just in time for my birthday. He didn't plan it that way, but it honestly felt like the greatest birthday present ever! I had a few errands I needed to run yesterday so I decided to take advantage of accessible transportation and squeeze them into a lunch break versus fighting rush-hour traffic after work.

I treated myself to lunch at my favorite coffee shop downtown, a bacon and tomato cheese sandwich with a side of broccoli cheddar soup. Next, a stop at the library to pick up some holds and browse the shelves. And, lastly, a cappuccino as a treat to myself (and also because I had a coupon). 

This is twenty-seven — appreciating the little things.

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