Weekend links 2.24.18

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Why you need white space in your daily routine: "If we want to create an environment that nourishes innovation and imagination, we need to build quiet counterpoints into our daily rhythm. These small moments of "white space" — where we have time to pause and reflect, or go for a walk, or just breathe deeply for a few moments — are what give balance and flow and comprehension to our lives as a larger whole."

I'm a big fan of the anti-to-do list. Have you tried it?

20 ways to make you feel like you have your life in order. #adulting

My new favorite Instagram account to follow.

A round-up of pretty humidifiers because 'tis the season.

Ugh. Banana clips are back in style?!

Do you want to know a great way to automatically relax? Watch Bob Ross videos on YouTube.

Love listening to this version of Moon River.

Here's a thought-provoking read: Why Yoga Pants Are Bad For Women. "We felt we had to look hot on dates — a given. We felt we had to look hot at the office — problematic. But now we've internalized the idea that we have to look hot at the gym? Give me a break. The gym is one of the few places where we're supposed to be able to focus on how our bodies feel, not just on how they look. We need to remember that. Sweatpants can help."

I want to try at least one acupuncture session this year. I'm so curious about it!

50 simple + doable ways to make any day better. Keeping this one bookmarked.

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