House Update: New Drywall

Monday, March 26, 2018

We have drywall! After months of open walls and exposed insulation, it's crazy to see how different things are looking now.

We hired a local contractor to hang, tape, and mud for us. Six months ago we likely would have tackled this project ourselves, but with Mark's back in the shape it's in we decided it was worth the money to have a professional do it for us. No lifting heavy pieces of Sheetrock or wasting money because of a learning curve. 

One surprise that we were not expecting was an uneven ceiling when we took out some walls. The ceiling in the foyer was about an inch higher than the ceiling in the living room, so when we took out that wall there was a weird height difference. Same thing in the laundry room and hallway. It was just small enough that you couldn't notice it when the walls were up, but it was very noticeable once it became one big open space. More importantly, it would've been impossible to patch. The solution was to screw rows of furring strips across the old ceiling to level out the height difference and then cover it all with new drywall.

 Another weird thing we discovered was that our ceiling height was 8 feet and 3 inches whereas standard ceiling height is usually 8". It worked to our advantage since we could add the extra layer of drywall to the ceiling without worrying about losing too much height.

Here's a reminder of what it looked like before the drywall was installed. The kitchen originally was all paneling and wood, so just seeing white drywall in there is such an improvement! Next project is to get it all primed and painted. 

You can see a lot more "Before" photos in this post from last year. Can't believe it's already been a year since we moved in and started working on this beast of a project!

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