House Update: Patching Original Oak Flooring

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Discovering hardwoods under the wall-to-wall carpet in our house was one of the best surprises of this remodel! We had originally added the cost of new hardwoods to our remodeling budget, so finding out there were original oak floors under the carpet (in fairly good condition too!) was like Christmas morning! When we moved in, we immediately pulled up the carpet but, a year later, we're just getting started on the refinishing part.

Before we could refinish the floors, we needed to lay new hardwoods in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is now open to the rest of the house, we had to lay a new floor and connect it to the original floor through a process called lacing. There were several holes in the floor where we took down walls that needed to be patched too.

We got several quotes for laying, patching, and refinishing the floors. Most contractors told us that patching was the most time-intensive project and therefore the most expensive. Mark felt confident that he could do this part of the project himself, so he tackled it and we'll likely hire a floor guy to sand and stain for us.

It took about a week to cut out pieces of the old hardwood in order to lace in the new. It was a very loud and dusty process which kept the living/kitchen area off-limits for a while. Cutting out pieces of wood was the hardest part. Once the wood was cut, Mark was able to lay all the new floors in a few days!

That's where we are right now. We're finishing a few smaller projects before sanding & staining since we'll have to be out of the house for the duration of that process.

Anyone ever had their floors refinished before? We'd love any tips!

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