Surgery Update

Friday, April 13, 2018

Hi. Hello. Hey there. It's been awhile.

The first quarter of this year has thrown enough curve balls to last all year. I've mentioned Mark's back pain briefly here before, but it came to a culmination this past week when he ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery on a herniated disc in his spine. We had just started considering surgery and researching doctors — I had even booked a consultation with a neurosurgeon the day before — but life had other ideas. We're not exactly sure when it herniated, but it really doesn't matter now. The surgery went well and he's finally rid of the intense pain. He has to take it easy for at least 8 weeks while the disc heals, but they've warned us it could take longer because of the damage to it.

It has slowed all of our plans down - for the remodel and life itself. Normally, this would be incredibly frustrating but seeing your spouse in the hospital in excruciating pain will spin things into perspective really quickly. I hate that he had to go through this, but I'm grateful for the perspective shift. Kitchens aren't important. Health is.

He can't bend, lift or twist (no BLTs, as his surgeon put it) for the next eight weeks. He's allowed to take lots of walks and can comfortably sit without being in pain, so we've been playing lots of games of Skip-Bo and taking strolls down the driveway. We've got a ways to go, but I'm not hating the slower pace of life right now. We've got the important things and that's all that matters.

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