Things I'm Loving

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

1. A cleaning schedule. I've been using this easy house cleaning schedule to stay on top of things lately. Now that the major construction portion of the remodel is over, it's much easier to keep things looking more house-like and less construction-y. There's still a saw table set up in the living room, but I'm taking what I can get.

2. Dirty John podcast. I fell off the podcast train for awhile there. I tend to listen to them when I'm out walking, but the cold weather put a stop to that for awhile. Warmer weather and this addicting story has got me back into them lately.

3. Don Williams. You know how some voices just instantly make you relax? Don Williams on repeat is basically my soundtrack for everything this spring.

4. Pink dogwoods. I don't know how I missed them last year, but we have pink dogwoods blooming like crazy all over our property this spring. I picked a few branches to bring in the house and they coordinated so perfectly with our vintage pink bathroom.

5. Fresh mulch. Soon after Mark got home from the hospital, my in-laws mulched our front flower beds for us. I haven't got around to adding flowers, but fresh mulch has made everything look so much sharper and cleaner.

What are you loving lately? I purposely tried to keep material things out of this list. I've noticed lately how many blog posts are loaded with product recommendations and lists of things to buy. I'm guilty of producing content like that myself, but want to do better at noticing the things that bring joy and don't cost anything. I'm certainly not bashing product recommendations (I like them too!) but just want to do better at noticing good things without feeling the urge to buy something. 

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