Things to Remember From This Spring

Monday, May 21, 2018

Guarding the baby tomato plants from the nosy deer

1. Sitting in our camping chairs outside together, watching the cars drive down our street. I've joked to Mark that we would make great retirees.

2. Carrying lunch to the park and spending all afternoon by the lake with a cooler of La Croix and a good book

3. Taking drives together when the cabin fever hits and checking out other houses' landscaping

4. Playing endless card games together and racking up the number of times I can beat Mark in Phase 10. ;)

5. Feeling the breeze and hearing the birds through the screened door. Is there anything better?

6. Grilling outside and making simple meals out of meat and vegetables

7. Starting my days with a cup of hot tea in the chair by the window, enjoying the quiet

8. Having time to work my way through the stack of books on my nightstand

9. Exploring the many different state parks in our area

10. Coming home to a "Mark-made" dinner — Papa John's on the carport complete with citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes away #truelove

They say there's an art to slow living and I like to think we're perfecting it this season. 

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