Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, June 11, 2018

We headed South for the Memorial Day weekend to see Mark's family in Florida and to enjoy some beach time. It was the first trip we've taken since Mark's back surgery and I think we were both a little nervous about it, but determined to try. His doctor and physical therapist gave him the all clear to travel, but recommended we stop every two hours to stand and stretch. It's interesting that 90% of what Mark has to do to care for his back since surgery is what all of us should be doing to care for our backs. 

We made it to Jacksonville Beach with no incidents and no back pain (!!). Mark spent most of the trip walking up and down the beach, searching for sharks' teeth. From the pictures below, you can see how I spent the majority of my time. ;) I finished Me Before You the first day on the beach and started The Light Between Oceans next. I have very mixed feelings about Me Before You but I'll save those for an upcoming Book Report blog post. 

On our last day there, we woke up early to go to the beach and I took a long walk while Mark searched for more shark's teeth. Even though there seems to be something inherently wrong with waking up early while on vacation, I think I've been converted into an early morning beach person. There were plenty of parking spots and the beach was incredibly quiet, just me and a few senior citizens with their coffee cups. 

This particular beach was interesting because there was hardly any sand, only miles and miles of seashells. It was a bit difficult to walk on barefoot but surprisingly comfortable to lay on a towel. Plus, waves over shells has got to be one of the most relaxing sounds I've ever heard. I could've easily laid there all day.

They were calling for rain most of our trip but I'm glad we didn't let that deter us because we ended up having perfect beach weather while it poured rain at home in Georgia. We got to see a few thunderstorms rolling in off the ocean but nothing too bad. Even when it's stormy, the beach still manages to be relaxing and beautiful.

Past visits to Jacksonville:

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