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Monday, June 18, 2018

After a perfectly relaxing weekend on the lake, we woke up last week to a large fallen tree in our yard that took out the power and internet lines to our house. It was resolved fairly quickly and wasn't that big of a deal since nothing was damaged (besides the power pole which the electric company took care of), but it got me thinking how crazy this thing is called adulthood. For every chill moment of life, it seems like thirty more things get thrown at you. In fact, I'm convinced that adulthood is nothing more than learning to how to handle the constant juggle of life. And no matter what anyone says, I doubt they've completely figured it out yet.

Thankfully, there's a multitude of little things that make life more than just handling stuff. For all the chaos of life, you've got to admit that there's a lot of things that are pretty awesome too. At the moment, these are the things that are bringing me joy.

1. Iced coffee. I've never been a coffee drinker until we moved to this house. There are two coffee shops at the end of our street and even more within a five-minute driving distance. I try to be good and not spend all my pennies on coffee, but sometimes it feels good to treat yourself.

2. Morning walks. It's amazing how much better I feel when I get outside first thing in the morning. Thankfully, my neighbors aren't too appalled at the sight of my bedhead going on for a walk as they leave for work in the morning. Some mornings, I'll take along some water mixed with ACV to feel extra healthy.

3. Time at the lake. Most evenings, if we're not meeting friends at the lake, we're headed there ourselves. There's something so relaxing about being near the water! Somewhere in our mountain of boxes, there's a hammock that I want to find and carry to our next visit to the lake.

4. Summer evening thunderstorms. Enough said.

5. Vacation days. As if my job wasn't great enough already, I got an extra week's worth of vacation to use this year as well. Usually, my vacation days are already reserved for annual family trips, but this year I have a little leeway and it has felt so good just to take a vacation day for the heck of it.

What are you loving right now?

Some days you just breathe in,
just try to break even
Sometimes your heart's pounding out of your chest,
sometimes it's just beating
Some days you just forget
what all you've been given
Some days you just get back,
and some days you're just alive
Some days you're living,
some days you're living.
— Dierks Bentley

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