Ernest Hemingway's House | Key West

Monday, April 15, 2019

When planning our trip to the Keys, I was excited about the idea of driving down to Key West one day to explore. However, I underestimated how unbelievably good it was going to feel to lay on a beach in the middle of February and do absolutely nothing. With only one day left to our trip, we finally made it a priority to drive the two hours south to Key West. When else are you that close to the southernmost tip? We had to do it.

I didn't know what to expect. Before going, I'd heard both rave reviews and less than stellar ones. The majority of people leaned in the ehhh not really worth it camp, while a few others called it quaint with a New Orleans vibe. After visiting for myself, I think it's completely worth the visit at least once in your life. The Ernest Hemingway House alone (which is where the majority of these photos were taken) is worth the visit; however, it is a long drive and much more tourist-y in spots than I'd prefer. 

We got down there around lunch time on Thursday and the little town was packed. By the time we found parking, we were starving and just walked to the closest restaurant we could find without searching for a cute or recommended spot.  From there, we walked to the Southernmost Point, skipped the line, and took a selfie with the buoy over our shoulder before heading on to the Ernest Hemingway House. 

Honestly, I was so happy with the weather that I could've just strolled around the sidewalks and been perfectly content, but this little gem was worth the visit. Right off the busy main drag, it's like its own little world tucked away. We had the most passionate tour guide which made the experience even better. Gotta appreciate someone who really loves their job! I have to admit I haven't read any of Hemingway's work (and I call myself a reader, I know), but we thoroughly enjoyed the architecture and details of the house. It was also fun just to walk around with my sister and take pictures. We used to dedicate entire days to random photoshoots when we were teenagers, driving around looking for cool old buildings to take pictures of. The Hemingway house (and Key West, for that matter) is full of picturesque little scenes and we thoroughly enjoyed snapping pics around this tropical town. 

907 Whitehead Street
Key West, Florida 33040

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