Celebrating Six Years

Monday, June 03, 2019

Mark and I celebrated six years (!!!) of married life this past Memorial Day at my favorite place....the beach. Six years in, we're still appreciating the fact that getting married over a long weekend allows us to celebrate with an extra day off work! We tossed around a few ideas of places to go but, ultimately, settled on our tried-and-true beach destination in Jacksonville. Mark's grandmother lives there and you can't beat free beach accommodations — especially on a holiday weekend!

This trip, we ventured down to Ponte Vedra Beach for most of our time — a really beautiful area! We tried some new-to-us seafood places, Barbara Jean's On The Water and Safe Harbor Seafood. Both were situated right on the Intercoastal Waterway so we had a front seat show watching the boats flying by while we ate. Safe Harbor is more of your classical seafood place, while Barbara Jean's had a nice southern flair to it (think squash casserole and ambrosia salad). I'd recommend both of them if you're looking for great seafood!

We stuck with our normal beach routine: Mark looking for shark's teeth while I read a book under the umbrella.  We joked that our best marriage advice, six years in, is to spend quality time apart. Don't worry, we made up for it on the drive home. :)

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